Why Do I Need a Surge Protector?

Summer is here and so is the season for thunderstorms. Even though a passing storm can be brief, it can still wreak havoc on our electronic devices, and your garage door opener is no different.

Thunderstorms are known to cause electrical surges in homes, which can damage any device that is plugged into an electrical outlet. And despite the great warranties offered with our garage door openers, LiftMaster and other manufacturers alike do not cover damage due to an electrical surge. For this reason, it's always a good idea to have all of your most crucial appliances secured with a surge protector. Whether it's your TV, computer, or garage door opener, a surge protector will greatly reduce the chance of your device being damaged by a power surge.

But what if I already have a power strip? Unfortunately, most power strips do not provide surge protection. While they usually have an integrated circuit breaker, they do not offer any real surge protection. Power strip warranties will also not cover damage to the attached devices. A surge protector usually comes with a substantial warranty that will cover damaged electronics should it fail to do its job.

Adding a surge protector to your garage door opener is a simple and inexpensive way to reduce the risk of electrical damage, and will ultimately save you more money down the road.

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