Harbour Series

The Harbour Series is Fagan Door's signature line of garage doors. Every door in the range is built from a naturally white composite (which can be painted) that gives the look of wood without the upkeep and at a lower price. With very little maintenance and fantastic longevity, a Harbour Series door makes for a wise investment.

Each door is available in three tiers of constructional detail and refinement.


"The new doors are virtually seamless."

– Roger & Jeannine Allard, N. Smithfield


Tier 1

The basic trim level of the Harbour Series includes a two-layer composite construction, flush backdrop, simulated window panes, and is available up to 9 feet wide.

Tier 2

The second trim level of the Harbour series is elevated to tongue and groove inlays and squared edge overlays to create a look with more depth and texture. Tier 2 also adds a large selection of designs to choose from, all tailored to match a specific style home.

Tier 3

Finally, the third trim level adds profiled edge overlays and truly divided windows for a build quality and appearance unrivaled by any other garage door. Tier 3 doors are also available at up to 18 feet wide.

If none of our designs will work for your particular project, custom design services are available for Tier 3 Harbour doors.


  • Vinyl door with the architectural appeal of wood
  • Will not rot, crack, or split like wood
  • Does not support growth of mold or mildew
  • Helps prevent deforestation
  • Certified GREEN product
  • Recyclable